Lola Boutique

14 Jun


Today I had the pleasure to dj at Lola Boutique (Saratoga Springs, NY) for their soft opening.  I have to say the shop looks amazing.  I was truly impressed with the layout of the store.  The jewelry and accessories spoke for themselves.  I have been in plenty of boutiques and there was something a little different about this one.  There was an artistic blend of accessories for women of all ages.  From earrings, bracelets, bangles to scarves.  Most everyone who wandered into the store today bought something but what they all really left with was a piece of the owner, Megan Druckman’s heart.  In the short time that I was there djing,  I learned of Megan’s roots.  As a buyer for Bloomingdale’s for the last 7 years, her vision and eye for accesories helped the Department store report record sales in a diminishing economy.  Through hard work, dedication and sacrifice, Megan was able to finally make her dream of opening her own boutique come to fruition.  No more working for the man, or Bloomingdale’s in this case.  As I was djing, I overheard Megan engaging with shoppers and I noticed one thing in particular.  People genuinely love talking to her! Among all the wonderful accessories, the real gem lies in the owner Megan.  I wish her much success and be sure to stop by on Saturday (6/15) for the official grand opening of Lola Boutique (454 Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY).  Check out the wonderful accessories and say hello to Megan!  I will be there djing from 12-3pm.  Hope to see you there!





J & A Prep Kitchen Friday Night

25 Mar

Here’s a video from J & A Prep Kitchen Friday night. Thanks to Jake from 104.9 The Cat for posting it. We all had a blast. Hope to see you all there soon!

Variety is the spice of life isn’t it?

20 Mar

March has been an eventful month thus far.  Aside from my weekly residencies at Lark Tavern and Buddha Tea Lounge.  I have recently teamed up with Jacob & Anthony’s Prep Kitchen in the Crossgates Mall.  Jacob & Anthony’s and the Marrello group have really taken me in and treated me like family.  I am very grateful for that.  I even had the pleasure to record my first ever radio ad thanks to them!  The Ad is currently airing on Fly 92.3 and 104.9 The Cat.  Let me know what you think of the ad!  So here’s the shameless plug…Every Friday night I will be Djing in the lounge at J & A Prep from 9-12 midnight.  But really, the weekends can be monotonous at times so why not change things up?  This is your personal invititation to come hang with me!

Earlier in the month I also had the pleasure to warm the crowd up at Upstate Concert Hall formerly known as Northern Lights.  This time around it was Harlem born rap sensation ASAP Rocky.  Not quite a household name to some right now however, there is no Hip Hop artist currently hotter on the scene.  ASAP Rocky was recently on the cover of Rolling Stone….yes Rolling Stone!  Do a google search if you are not familiar.  I cannot promise that you will love his music but I can promise that he is on top right now!  The show was completely sold out and extremely fun to dj as the crowd was super energetic.  The demographics of the crowd leaned heavily in favor of the teenagers so I kept the music relatively youthful and current.    Check the pics below for a pic I took of ASAP Rocky’s set list.

Speaking of pics.  I have been taking a lot of them.  I am going to start taking more and more pics of my dj setups.  It seems as though the general public enjoys seeing what my office/workspace looks like.  I would love to have seen some pics of my different setups over the years.  Ever wonder what kind of equipment I use? or what it looks like but you don’t want to creep me out by staring? Wallah! Dj Booth Pics.  I might be onto something here…

Last weekend I dj’d my monthly gig at Vapor Night Club.  I have to say that if you haven’t been to a Sights and Sounds Saturday, you are truly missing out.  I was excited to dj more than I usually am because I had some great new videos and remixes I wanted to try out.  I am looking forward to April 6th where I will be doing a DJ showcase along with 3 of my long time friends and fellow dj’s: Dread, Element and Nick Papa Giorgio.  Hope to see you there!

This year St. Patrick’s Day landed on a Sunday.  I closed out the weekend by djing St. Patricks Day at Jacob & Anthony’s in Saratoga.  Sunday was a festive but relaxed afternoon.  It was a nice easy change of pace from what a St. Patrick’s Day celebration could typically entail.  The restaurant had some great Irish fare (Corned beef and cabbage, potato leek soup,etc.), as well as Guinness beer and Jameson Whiskey specials.  Ironically, it was perhaps a more proper way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as friends gathered with family, dressed in hues of green and enjoyed each others company over a warm meal and spirits.



St. Patrick’s day setup from the front with the bannerImage

I may have received enough compliments on my goal keepers jersey to wear it more than once a year lol

Valentine’s Day Weekend Recap

18 Feb

Image Hello again and thanks for stopping by the blog!  Yes, this week was the anticipated/dreaded week of Valentine’s Day.  For some, Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate with a loved one.  If you possess more of a cynical outlook on life, maybe you prefer the premonition that Valentine’s day is some overly hyped commercial holiday designed by conglomerates like Hallmark, jewelers, chocolatiers or even your local florist to cash in.  Well whatever your outlook, I hope you all had a great day.  Hopefully you didn’t over invest in thought, precious hard earned dollars or experienced heartache because of it.  I personally had an eventful weekend.  Please let me tell you about it… Friday, started bright and early for me as I headed over with Stacey Warrings (Jacob & Anthony’s) to Albany Broadcasting Company to appear on 104.9 The Cat.  We were there to promote my Singles Revenge Party with Jake & Dana.  Let me tell you, these two were super welcoming to us and it was a pleasure to see a duo on air have as great of a chemistry as these two did.  We caught up with each other, discussed the party that night at Jacob & Anthony’s Prep Kitchen and even gave away some restaurant gift certificates to some lucky callers.  Thanks Stacey!  In case you’re not familiar, Jake and I go back about a decade.  I remember him being the guest MC at a handful of venues over the past 11 years or so.  As we parted ways, I thanked him for having Stacey and I on air and gave Jake a USB thumbdrive with a country mega mix I made personally for him.  He was surprised yet extremely excited to listen to what I had made for him.  Anyways, the party that night ended up going really well.  It’s always nice to dj for new and different audiences.  By the end of the night I had won them over as everyone was asking when I would be back next!  Here’s a hint: Really soon! Image Saturday night I dj’d my monthly residency at Vapor Night Club.  I have to say Saturday nights crowd was probably up there with some of the best crowds I’ve ever had the pleasure to dj for.  The vibe and energy in the room was great from the start.  Normally, I warm the crowd up a little bit before I kick the tempos up however, I could tell that everyone was ready to go last night.  People are really taking into the whole video djing thing as it offers a little something for everyone.  I brought a handful of my friends out and they all had a blast.  If you haven’t been out on a Saturday night at Vapor, you are truly missing out.  The Sights and Sounds party has some of the best staff in the area, top notch sound and lighting, and great drink specials.  Add all of that up plus the areas best dj talent and you get an amazing product!  I’ll be there March 16th mixing up some more videos.  See you there! Image Two of my friends were avid listeners of J-Will in the morning and just had to take a pic.  What a stud!Image Sorry for the blurry pics.  Can I blame it on the iPhone? Image Another shot of the crowd vibing!

Slider Slam 2013/ Vapor Nightclub

23 Jan


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Hot off the Press!

9 Jan

Hello 2013! So things have been moving along and I am proud to say the new website is now live.  Please check it out and book your next big event here:  ImageImage

I am proud of this site but even more so, the product Playground Productions promises to deliver.  Any dj can dj a wedding.  However, not all dj’s are created equal.  Just how all cooks can cook…but not all cooks are chef’s.  Not all dj’s are capable of the same skill set.  Playground Productions is here to set the new gold standard.  Real dj’s with great musical depth.  Dj’s with the ability to scratch and mix when necessary.  Dj’s that know how to create and control the energy in a given room and dance space.  And last but not least Dj’s who know how to MC and run the party without stealing the show.  We are Playground Productions.  We are the Best!


Vapor Night Club with America’s Next Top Model Laura James

15 Dec

556313_386679764752367_97128392_nVapor Night Club

Djing at Vapor Night Club in Saratoga with America’s Next Top Model Laura James. This was a great night. Thanks to all those who came out and supported.


10 Dec

So these days I’m changing things up a little bit.  Awhile back I tweeted (@djplayground) something to the tune of not being boxed in or constantly re-inventing yourself.  No…I am still djing in the nightclubs, opening up for touring artists at shows (Upstate Concert Hall), and hitting the recording studio when the time calls for it…but more recently I am proud to announce the formation of my new brand and business Playground Productions.  We have been around but have just recently put things in motion to really fill in the void in quality dj entertainment when it comes to private and special events.  Visit us on Facebook here: and send the page a “like” or message us to book your next big event! Ok that sounded a bit like a commercial or an advertisement and I am sorry for that, but this is the next big thing for me and my team.  I have surrounded myself with some great hard working and loyal professionals and we are excited!  The focus will be on bringing superior sound and lighting to the table but on top of the audio and visual experience we want to move our party goers emotionally with what i want to describe as exceptional dj talent.  The goal at the end of any event or party we do is to not only rock the crowd, listeners, and the dance floor but also to move them emotionally and take them on a seamless musical journey.  We want you to walk away from the event saying “That Dj just made my night”.

Take a look at the new Logo…


We made it into Vow magazine!Image

Lia White PartyImage

Again, The place looked phenomenal!Image

On the run…

21 Mar

So I’ve finally got a second to catch my breath…so I decided why not sit down and write something? Just a quick side note…if you enjoy reading my blog or enjoy my writing…let me know.  It’s this type of feedback that motivates me to keep posting.  Ok, moving onward…This was one of those dj on no sleep and move from gig to gig without eating or drinking type weekends.  Aside from the 4 weekly night spots I did, I also dj’d a bar crawl (Jacob & Anthony’s), DJ’d the Nappy Roots concert (Northern Lights), as well as pulled off a marathon 14 hour dj day on Saturday.  No complaining here though as my friends can attest to my work ethic.  Oh and Yes…Nappy Roots.  Remember them? No? thats ok haha.  Anyways, it was nice to see an old group still doing shows together.  I had a chance to meet with a few of guys and they were really down to earth people.  People will try to knock on them for being washed up and being a one hit wonder but if people still want to pay to see you perform…why not?

Full Circle

5 Mar

Man, this weekend came around before I was ready for it… and before I knew it….it was over.  So, I dj’d a bunch of my resident gigs this week as well as the Cassidy concert at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY.  But the real highlight came when I was djing my buddy Matt Cherchio’s wedding.  Matt, If you are reading this, congrats again my brother!  You have a beautiful wife and Nick is one of the most colorful and charming kids I have ever met.  I mean this kid literally lights up the room.  So, in case you didn’t know…Djing a dj’s wedding is the ultimate compliment and I was honored as Matt was one of my earliest influences on my career.  This gig was tough because the bar was set high.  I was hired to not only perform but also to impress as I knew Matt would be listening critically.  Matt couldn’t have made things easier for me as he had the entire setup ready for me.  Sound system, serato, and all.  All I had to do was put on the headphones and do work! (Thanks again Matt).  Well, to my surprise one of Matt’s wedding guests was none other than Dan Testa.  Dan was the absolute earliest intro to my dj world aside from Yo MTV raps or video music box.  Sorry younger guys, no 106 and Park back then!  Man, I can still remember his setup of turntables in his room.  DJ Coffin with the turntables set up, and Sony stereo on video output.  And some terrible Lineartech turntables.  Sorry Dan, I know you used to swear by them.  Anyways, I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was a party at 1 Kent St. where I saw and later met Dan (DJ Peppaz), Sean Duncan (Matt’s Best Man aka Dj Handikap) and Matt (Dj Cherch).  I must have looked like I had just seen a UFO as I was vibing to this Dj (Handikap) cutting and mixing what I later discovered to be a Kenny Dope break beat.  That was it!  I was an instant junkie for life.  Well from that point on for the next 2 years, I continued to probably bother and annoy the crap out of Dan as he was my closest source for all info and things dj/turntable related.  A month after I purchased my first pair of 1200’s, I was djing alongside Dan and Handikap at a local hole in the wall (Peabody’s for those who can remember lol).  Fast forward 14 years and here we are at Matt’s wedding chopping it up and reminiscing about some of the times we shared.  Dan is older than me and a guy I always looked up to and although it was 14 years later I was glad to be able tell him that he was a major influence in my career as a dj but more importantly, I got a chance to give thanks.  Dan expressed that he was proud to see where I have taken things and expressed a “real connection to me” which I whole heartedly agree.  Without these guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today or know half of what I know.  So, from the bottom of my heart…Thanks Guys!