Goodbye Summer

7 Sep

This past weekend I dj’d a beautiful reception for Andrew and Jennie. If either of you two are reading this, congratulations! It was truly a pleasure to dj your reception.  Albany Country Club was so beautiful and although the weather was hot, the reception stayed cool! Many thanks to Shannon Whitney from Wedding Planning Plus for the making sure everything went super smooth.  Shannon has a zen like calmness amongst what can be a very hectic day of planning.  What’s her secret? If I told you, well…you know.  Be sure to call her to organize your next event folks!  The staff at Albany Country Club were very warm and inviting. Half of the business cards I had passed out for the night were requested from the staff! Thanks for the delicious salmon dinner and that wicked concoction of a chocolate milk iced coffee! I’d also like to thank Kevin DeMassio Photography for showing me that vendors really do go above and beyond what they are asked to do. Kevin is so serious about his craft! I can’t wait to see these photos. Shannon, Kevin and his assistant Ben and I had our vendor meals together. It was nice to sit down with them and chat “industry” but the real kicker was when we started talking about our dogs! Kevin, remember to “claim” the stimulus from your bulldog! (Ceasar Milan voice) lol. For now, here’s a shot of the uplighting from my iphone. I’ll be sure to update this post with some official shots.


Here’s a look at the new logo. Please let us know what you think!

playgroundproductions_small playgroundproductions_small

On that note, I want to say farewell summer. You were amazing and I’m sad you have to go. However, I’ve got some killer fall clothes I’m excited to wear. See you guys next post!

One Response to “Goodbye Summer”

  1. Shannon Whitney at 9:48 am #

    Great recap Rob! It was so great working with you, and to see the dance floor packed all night. Awesome job, can’t wait to do it again!!

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