On the run…

21 Mar

So I’ve finally got a second to catch my breath…so I decided why not sit down and write something? Just a quick side note…if you enjoy reading my blog or enjoy my writing…let me know.  It’s this type of feedback that motivates me to keep posting.  Ok, moving onward…This was one of those dj on no sleep and move from gig to gig without eating or drinking type weekends.  Aside from the 4 weekly night spots I did, I also dj’d a bar crawl (Jacob & Anthony’s), DJ’d the Nappy Roots concert (Northern Lights), as well as pulled off a marathon 14 hour dj day on Saturday.  No complaining here though as my friends can attest to my work ethic.  Oh and Yes…Nappy Roots.  Remember them? No? thats ok haha.  Anyways, it was nice to see an old group still doing shows together.  I had a chance to meet with a few of guys and they were really down to earth people.  People will try to knock on them for being washed up and being a one hit wonder but if people still want to pay to see you perform…why not?


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