So what’s going on?

8 Feb

People seem to ask me this a lot lately.  Maybe it’s because I post way less on Facebook  about what’s going on in my life.  My logic: if you know me then you know what i’m up to (aside from djing).  So to answer that question… a whole lot lately!!!.  I’ve been busy playing dj/business man…This year I has been the busiest I have ever been ..(actually it seems like I have said that every year for the last 9 years…lol).  These days i’m booked 4 days a week and most times a double on either friday or saturday almost weekly.  From the club to concerts to weddings to private and not so private parties… the last 6-8 months have been fruitful.  I’m not chasing stardom or  pointless pipe dreams…just trying to be a good dj with an even better business sense.  These days I have a lot to be thankful for.  With that being said, I really cherish my free time.  I am a lot more low key these days, spending my time with my girlfriend, my dogs and a just few chosen friends.  You can say that I’ve smartened up a lil bit.  On another note, fitness is still the name of the game.  These days the gym feels incredibly monotonous and boxing is what motivates me.  I’m learning, working on my technique at the same time I’m getting my cardio on.  Lean and mean is the objective and at 192 lbs…things are coming together.  Here’s a list for those of you who been asking for a new one/ people who don’t like to read.

what’s good:

  1. Iphone 4s.  Siri my new personal assistant!
  2. Working on my new car project: 1994 lexus gs300.
  3. Jeremy Lin back to back 25/28 point games and the Knicks win!
  4. My girlfriend making my place more comfortable.  Nice bed/bath accessories make all the difference.
  5. Baked Lays
  6. Gatherer’s Granola
  7. Monta Ellis.  The point gaurd for Golden State.  His game is impressive!
  8. Late night drives in the Land Cruiser.  No traffic.  Just the vehicle and I.
  9. This years Winter weather.  No snow means no salt (I hate salt on my car) and my back doesn’t hurt from shoveling .  Win/win.
  10. Glaceau Smart Water

Not so good:

  1. No surf/talk function on iPhone? What’s that all about
  2. Gas prices skyrocketing.  $80 to fill up?
  3. Tough financial times
  4. Driving a luxury car and being unemployed.
  5. Facebook
  6. Tweeting like you have something important to say.  Thanks for instagraming your lunch
  7. Individuals who crave attention on Facebook.
  8. People who ride coat tails.  Be your own person.  Carve your own path.
  9. Jersey Shore (guilty as charged for watching).  This show has run out of story lines.  The only one to make it out of this on top is Pauly D.  Mediocre dj + good personality = residency at the Palms in Vegas.
  10. Simon Cowell has a new show searching for america’s best DJ talent?

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