Too late to write… so here’s some lists

31 Oct

Too late to constuct complete sentences so I am compiling two lists.  The titles are self explanatory.

Things I like:

  1. Vita-Coco/Power-C drinks
  2. The no red meat diet
  3. Patagonia clothing
  4. boxing classes
  5. Qt with my close friends and my French Bulldog Nilla
  6. The Land Cruiser
  7. Returning all the dumb stuff I bought for halloween
  8. Not buying sneakers (like I used too at least)
  9. Cleaning up my Macbook so it’s like day 1 out of the box at the Apple store
  10. Not buying a new Macbook
  11. How to make it in America and Boardwalk Empire
  12. Fixing my own thermostat
  13. 4 x 4
  14. Being lean and mean

Things I don’t like!

  1. Occupy wall street movement.  I would love to join but I got to go to work and despite the Patagonia gear, I’m not much into camping.
  2. LMFAO costumes for halloween.  The first 3 or 4 were cool/funny.  After that, you’re just a another dude wearing leopard jeggings.
  3. Said LMFAO dudes on halloween asking me to play “Party Rock Anthem” at 10:15.  Dude, relax.  It’s 10:15.  We have all night.  Nice jeggings though.
  4. My Serato DJ program losing a bunch of my folders and not knowing where any of my music is.
  5. Nightclub/Bar gimmicks.
  6. Upstate NY weather
  7. Upstate residents complaining about upstate NY weather…..on Facebook!
  8. Halloween in general this year.  Usually I enjoy it.  Maybe I’m getting too old?

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