NY sports…Big city of dreams?

14 Dec

Cliff Lee

So the Yankees failed to sign Cliff Lee.  The money was on the table but he chose to go to Philly instead for considerably less money.  Wait..what? You mean the Yankees didn’t get the player they wanted?  This doesn’t happen often but it may be the shape of things to come.  Maybe it means money really isn’t everything.  What were the factors?  family?  location?  best chance to win a championship? maybe it was an x factor like George Steinbrenner not being around and dealing with Cliff Lee one on one like he once did with Reggie Jackson and Gary Shefield.  One thing is for certain.  It wasn’t all about the money for Cliff Lee.  Which makes me think about the current reputation NY has as a city.  I may catch a lot of heat from lifetime new yorkers but there is a possibility NY may not be the big city of dreams it once was.  Has NY lost it’s lustre? maybe the mystery is gone? have we over exposed ourselves in the media and pop culture that the rest of the country and the world are looking for excitement elsewhere?  It’s definitely debatable.  Just a lil while ago, I was asked to go to the Giants vs. Philly game on Sunday.  My initial answer was yes until I started looking up ticket prices.  $250 for a single ticket?  They must be insane if they think I’m paying that much for one ticket.  I like football.  I don’t love it.  I’m certainly not spending close to a grand to go to a football game.  I’m just glad my Knicks are doing well right now.  Amare is averaging 30 plus points a game and Raymond Felton is coming into his own.  On top of all this, Melo Announces he will only accept a trade if it is to the Knicks?  Maybe NY isn’t so bad after all.  Let’s go KNICKS!!!


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