This year Halloween fell on a weekend…

1 Nov

So yea, this year the most infamous holiday of the year fell on a Sunday (Geto Boys if you’re not familiar).  For some people that meant playing dress up for 4 whole damn days…smh.  I don’t even know how any of you did it.  Having just got back from China and being all jet lagged, I wasn’t really feeling festive this year which is very uncharacteristic of me.  So Friday I was dressed normal but on Saturday I got murderous and put together a last minute Jason x Casey Jones costume!!!  I had a blast wearing it.  Something so sinister about that damn hockey mask.  The only downfall is wearing that mask djing.  I had trouble seeing and my hearing was inpaired by my Howard Stern-esque wig (The ironic thing about the wig was that the package said “Dj wig” on it.  Let it be known people that Howard Stern is not and never will be a DJ!!!  A great VJ is what he was/is).  Btw, I’m blaming any pimple I get on my face in the next few weeks on that costume…lol.

Often imitated, never duplicated.  This is not me.  Last night, one of my friends dressed up as me for Halloween.  This is my friend Bresee.  I must say the only similarity is that we are both asian.  He and I both had a good chuckle when we saw each other.  When I walked in I noticed he was standing behind the turntables with the headphones on while my buddy Dj K-oz was djin.  Talk about staying in character!


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