Around the world and back in 10 days…

28 Oct

So it’s 8:39 in the am and i’m jet lagging like crazy.  Why not post?  10 action packed days and nights, 2 long flights (13-14 hrs), countless taxi’s, numerous subway rides, a mag lev train, a $100 nyc taxi ride, and an amtrak and I’m finally home.  Besides the jet lag, I’m not doing so poorly.  Its feels good to be home though! This is my second trip to China however, if there is one thing I learned on this trip in the past week or so it’s that I’m more American than I thought.  I love my personal space, freedom of speech, readily accessible hot coffee on virtually every corner, ESPN and last but not least… the visual of a nice healthy amercian girl.  It was great to spend time with my family and especially my nephews.  This was the most time I have ever spent with them by far and I really enjoyed my time with them.  China is a crazy place.  So much culture…so much history.  Things are so different over there.  It took a while for me to get accustomed to certain things but having traveled a bit, I adapted pretty quickly.  I was very dissappointed in my ability to speak Chinese though.  I somehow over estimated my ability to speak and understand the langauge.  I’m thinking about getting some rosetta stone and stepping my game up! Anyway, on a another note…small compact digital cameras are done.  If you own stock in one of these companies…sell it.  If you own a digital camera….sell that too.  Below are all pics I took with my Droid X.  Although they are not gonna appear in National Geographic mag anytime soon, it sure beats packing a digital camera.  Enjoy!

Cell phone charging station.  Good idea right?  This was in the train station in Hangzhou.

Asian Honda Odyssey.  Unfortunately, here’s the only pic I took of one.  This one is a lil old and dirty but I swear these things were nice.  I was appreciating a new white one on the highway thinking what it would look like on some 22’s…haha.

Sorry friends…No G6.  This is a Boeing 777.  Of course HSBC sponsored jetway/aerobridge.  

Here’s my flight path from my seat in the plane.  That was a long flight!!!

A qoute from the book i’m was reading on the flight there by Robert Greene.  This quote can be applied to some of many of my friends.

Toyota Crown aka Lexus LS 400.  The whole time I was in China, I was playing the “name that car” game.  haha.  Everything there is rebadged with new tail lights, headlights, new names etc.  Sometimes it was obvious, other times I was totally thrown off.  

Honda Spirion Type S aka Acura TSX.  

Toyota Prado.  I think this is a Lexus GX 470.

VW taxi’s galore.  VW got in early over here and got a leg up on the taxi game.  They call them Santana’s over there.

Handrail in my aunts Shanghai penthouse.  All kidding aside, I slept in the walk in closet.  Surprisingly comfortable.

View from the balcony.

I though this was neat.  This was in a restaurant in Hangzhou.  Great restaurant.  This device had 3 buttons.  Bill, call and cancel.  So simple yet extremely effective.  One touch of either the bill or call button and someone showed up in seconds.  Amazing!!!

Chinese Coke can.  Coke is no joke.  When it comes to doing business, the Coca-Cola company is not messing around.  To think this company was a small start up company marketing cola with cocaine in it to aid headaches/toothaches is crazy!

That is all for now.  Maybe later I’ll post pics of buildings and more touristy stuff but who really wants to see that?

PS- Did some recon in some clubs.  Spoke with some people.  FACT: Next time I’m in Shanghai…Im djing.


One Response to “Around the world and back in 10 days…”

  1. Juse FUA October 28, 2010 at 10:18 am #

    This is a dope blog post man… I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Sounds like your trip to China was a huge eye-opener! Keep doing what you do bro, and stay in touch!
    Peace & Respect,

    P.S.: Still rocking those DJPlayground tees!

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