Dear Ch*n#, I like you but you’re crazy

21 Oct

So im in Ch*n#.  This place is different.  People push … people shove, cut lines and have no regard for your personal space.  Let me clarify, there is no such thing as personal space.  Last night I got clipped by a scooter and it’s a shame my Chinese is so poor because I wanted to give that guy a piece of my mind.  My phone doesn’t work,  Facebook is blocked, Google is filtered like a pitcher of Brita, Youtube is non-existent and I can’t get a decent cup of cofffee.  However, I have been eating some really amazing authentic chinese food, I’ve seen some really cool attractions and have been enjoying my time with my family.  I’ll post pics when I get back to the states.  If you need me, you can get a hold of me here or email me.  The joys of traveling.

PS- I have been taking some pics of some really cool/different cars…stay tuned for the pics!


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